How to Get Rid of Stuck Body Parts


How to Get Rid of Stuck Body Parts

Stuck refers to something that is stuck permanently and cannot be moved. It could also mean that you cannot stand up because your legs are stuck in a partially submerged log. In the log or mud, if your feet get stuck in the wet mud, then it indicates that you cannot get your feet out of the messy trap in which they are stuck. The sooner the stuck feet are freed from the mud, the better are your chances to free yourself from the sticky situation.

There are various factors, which indicate whether you have been stuck somewhere or not and how stuck are you. First and foremost, if your trapped leg or any other body part is becoming painful by friction or if you have any strong burning sensation near that area, then it is definitely stuck. Secondly, if your stuck limb becomes stiff as if it is in a rigid position and is not being able to move, then probably you have been stuck. Stuck means you cannot move. So, if you want to free yourself, then you need to follow certain steps. One of the steps is to transitive linking.

In transitive linking, your stuck limb is first linked to the body part, which is above it. In order to get out, that body part will have to be dug out and then you will have to apply pressure on that stuck part using your feet. After applying pressure on the stuck part using your feet, you will have to keep on applying pressure on that stuck part until you feel that it gets loose. At last, you will be able to remove your legs from that sticky mass.

There are various solutions available to get out of stuck in mud or log. Some people use ladders while some of them use bulldozers or rollers to get out of these stuck in places. But there are problems associated with such conventional ways of removing the stuck limbs. Even though they might break the surface of the stuck area, they do not actually remove the embedded energy in that stuck body part. This energy might be released later on, when the body part tries to move.

To remove the stuck in body part, the best solution is to employ the power of positive energy. Positive energy is like magnetic force or electricity that can dig deep into the stuck in parts and get rid of the stuck body part. This process works best if the stuck body part has already lost its blood supply. In this condition, the only way to release the stuck energy is by breaking the surface of the stuck body part using your feet.

Another way to remove the stuck limbs is to use a stick. It is essential to stick the stick directly onto the stuck body part until it becomes loose. Then you need to push the stick against the stuck area for few minutes. This might sometimes work but mostly you will end up damaging the stuck body part. If you do not want to risk your health, you can use a medical tape to get the stuck part out.