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Fight fraud with intelligence

Our end-to-end protection platform combines advanced data analytics with real-time scoring to outsmart threats and approve more orders so you can focus on growing your business without the fear of fraud.

All the tools you need to safeguard your revenue

Order fraud protection

Approve more orders while cutting out fraud. Receive a single, actionable score that accounts for more than just payment factors. From device fingerprinting to behavioral analytics, our scoring algorithm considers over 170 factors to determine whether a transaction is fraudulent.

Ad fraud protection

Stop common forms of advertising fraud, including click fraud, impression fraud, retargeting fraud, and affiliate fraud. Identify which ad campaigns are allowing bots to eat away at your budget and which ones are bringing in the best returns.

Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for unexpected downtime, certificate expirations, and other performance problems, which help keep your site running smoothly and let you address issues before they affect your users.

Adaptable to your business, no matter your industry


Help your merchants strengthen their defenses against fraud with a solution that can be implemented in just minutes.


Enhance your risk analysis with deep analytics and risk scoring to verify purchases and reduce fraud.


Reduce chargebacks with early detection and prevent fraudulent transactions before they occur — without affecting conversions.


Identify risky accounts and block suspicious transactions while improving the ticketing experience for legitimate buyers.

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