How a Crush Can Help You Learn About Yourself


Crush is an alluring, fleeting emotion that can be so exciting and painful at the same time. Sometimes crushes turn into something more, but often they go unrequited, leaving you, well, crushed. Regardless of how it turns out, a crush can help you learn a lot about yourself.

A crush is an intense feeling of attraction and desire for someone that isn’t a current partner or spouse, according to the urban dictionary. While love is generally built on connection, a crush is more rooted in fantasy. This is because the person who you have a crush on doesn’t really know you that well, and they may only be able to offer you small bits of information about themselves.

Whether you have a crush on someone at work, in school, or in the neighborhood, the feelings that come with it can be both awkward and exciting. Many people feel like they shouldn’t have a crush, especially when the object of their desire is in a committed relationship or is older than them. But psychologists say that it’s normal to have a crush and that you shouldn’t be afraid to express those feelings.

If you find yourself looking at your crush a lot, blushing incessantly when they’re around, or thinking about them all the time, it could be that you have a crush on them. You might be surprised to discover that the reason you’re reacting in this way is because of all those dopamine and oxytocin rushes that are getting released in your brain. These chemicals can make you feel nervous and excited, which can be a great thing if you want to feel more connected to that person.

Even though there’s no clinical definition for a crush, it can be defined as a temporary romantic or sexual interest in someone who doesn’t have a significant role in your life, New York City-based therapist Bukky Kolawole told INSIDER. She said that crushes are typically based in fantasy and that those who have them tend to project their values onto the person they’re crushing on.

While you’re waiting for your crush to notice your feelings, try to keep it casual. Flirt with them, or talk to them about their interests. If they seem receptive, you can always bring up the topic of dating. Just be sure to consider your existing partnerships, if you have any, before acting on your feelings.

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