What Makes a Crush So Special?


The term crush refers to the feelings of romantic attraction that occur during early childhood and adolescence. Its name is derived from the resemblance between the romantic feelings and puppy affection. You feel the same way for your crush as you do for a puppy, but without the physical intimacy. However, your crush is still your crush – even if you have no intentions of getting involved with them. So, what makes a crush so special?

Some of us tend to daydream about our crushes. Romantic songs or movies might evoke a crush, and it’s easy to imagine doing romantic things with our crushes. For instance, we might identify with the famous romantic drama Romeo and Juliet, and want to spend our time with them. While these feelings are completely normal, they shouldn’t become overbearing. Instead, we should be mindful of our own behavior when chatting with our crushes.

The purpose of CRUSH is to distribute data among object storage devices in a pseudo-random manner. This process is controlled by a hierarchical cluster map, called the CRUSH map. The storage administrator can customize the CRUSH map according to the size, layout, and capacity of the cluster. This map also specifies how redundancy should be handled. After the initial crush, the next step is to make sure the crush victim receives the care that he or she needs.