What is the Word Stuck?


When a person is stuck, he or she is unable to move. The word stuck can refer to a number of different things, including a car in traffic, a jar lid that is pushed out of place, or even a frozen object. It can also be a word that describes a person who is caught in a situation, has been lying, or is extremely tired.

The noun stuck comes from the Old English word stician, which means to pierce or fasten. It is also used to describe a string or wire that gets twisted around something. Other uses include beached, jammed, and stranded. Some people use the term stuck to describe a boat, but it is not used to describe a boat in the water.

The verb stick is also from the Old English stician. It means to fasten or pierce, and it is also used to describe a person who is indecisive. It is usually used in conjunction with the noun stuck.

Some of the most common synonyms for stuck are indecisive, zoned out, extremely high, and goad. Other synonyms are unusual, cling to, hold faithfully, and protrude. The definitions of the verb and noun are taken from the 1913 edition of the Webster’s Dictionary, which is now in the public domain.