What Is Love?


What is love? This is a question that can be argued on every level of society. It can be a beautiful, rewarding, or terrifying feeling. Love can be uncontrollable or permanent, and it may be genetically programmed or culturally indoctrinated. While all of these different definitions are true in some cases, each is essentially a distorted, limited, or illusory idea. In any case, love persists in every part of the world.

In addition to its emotional and intellectual dimensions, love is a long-term state of Being. It requires the presence of positive feelings and is distinct from other common positive feelings such as liking or pleasure. The positive feelings that come with love are far stronger and more lasting than the negative ones. Love can also last for a long time, unlike friendship. When one is in love with someone, the feeling may be unrequited.

Psychologists began to study love only in the last 75 years. Sigmund Freud said that when one feels intensely towards an object, the boundary between the ego and the object threatens to dissolve. This skepticism was common among scientists, and it took them decades to identify specific types of love. While we cannot explain how love works in our minds, we do know that it involves feeling good when someone else is happy. As such, it is necessary to recognize that love is an emotion that changes us.

Love is long-suffering, compassionate, and kind. It does not parade itself, do rude things, or seek its own. It does not think evil of others or celebrate their own sins. And it bears all things and never ends. These are characteristics that we all strive to emulate. Love is always a good example for us. Love never fails to inspire and make us feel good. You can use these qualities in your relationships to show the world that you love them.

There are many examples of people who have lived by these principles. In fact, some of the world’s greatest leaders have been selfless in their pursuit of peace and happiness. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, and Oprah Winfrey have all shown us that we can achieve great things with love. Just ask any selfless person what they did for someone else, and it’s almost guaranteed that they would do the same.

The definition of love is a difficult one to pin down. Generally, it refers to the intense feeling of affection for another person. Although the dictionary’s definition is somewhat vague, it’s still indicative of true love. People who love someone or something will go to great lengths to fulfill that love. Ultimately, love is more than a feeling. It is an experience of happiness that transcends time and space. There is no such thing as an objective definition of love.

God’s agape love never abandons His adopted children. The people of God repeatedly fell prey to idolatry, yet God preserved a remnant. Similarly, chesed love exemplifies God’s character. It’s steadfast no matter what. It’s the kind of love we should strive to emulate when we seek to please Him. The love that He gives us is the same love He has for us.