What Is Love?


Chinese characters for love have a heart in the middle, as does the word “love.” Love is a universal concept originating in the Triune Godhead and its eternal relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is also unique to human experience, as we are created in the image of God. For example, a dog owner loves his pet and cares about its well-being, while a cat owner may care about its kitten.

Studies have shown that people in love tend to focus on objects and trivial events that remind them of their loved one. According to research published in the journal Motivation and Emotion, this behavior is associated with elevated levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These substances are linked to increased memory in the presence of new stimuli. Hence, people in love tend to focus on the things that remind them of their loved ones.

Love is a powerful emotion that is often portrayed in a positive light. Despite the fact that the emotional roller coaster is often a train wreck, it still persists. Love endures despite hardships, and it is often a catalyst for the development of sexuality. Love is often the best thing in the world, but it can also be the worst. There’s a fine line between romantic love and hate. Strong emotions are linked to the same part of the brain and can switch quickly.

Moreover, loving someone is also a way of sharing identities with them. The two people share similar interests, virtues, and roles. This allows them to define each other’s identities, thus sharing identity. And because love is a shared identity, the two people have similar personalities and interests. The two of them are able to understand each other’s differences. Therefore, the two people who are in love can share the same identity.

When a person falls in love, he or she is more prone to talk about them than other people. This is due to the high level of hormones in the body, and when two people are close, time seems to fly by. On the other hand, time crawls when the two are apart. A person in love is more likely to have renewed energy and interest in mundane tasks. He or she may have an intense craving for company and still feel ungrateful when he or she leaves.

The bestowal view does have some truth, but it does not fully explain why a person falls in love. The fact that love is a creative response to value creates two related worries about the object of the love. A person who falls in love with someone simply because they share similar qualities is prone to falling in love. Therefore, love is a creative process rather than an outcome of appraisal. There is a difference between love and appreciation.

Acts of service are another important way to show your partner that you care. Acts of service range from helping with the baby to doing the dishes. It all reflects how much your partner values your support and care for her. Those who favor acts of service can be hurt by a partner who does not support their partner’s interests. Hence, it is vital to show your love to your partner. The more time and effort you put in the more likely they will feel secure and happy in your relationship.