What Is Dominoes?


Dominoes are a game where players place tiles, called dominoes, on a table. When one of the tiles is thrown, it knocks over a second tile, which in turn knocks over another, and so on, until a single domino stands in the middle. The player with the best hand wins.

Domino sets vary in size and shape, but the most common are double six (28 tiles) and double nine (55). They all have a number of pips (each a different color) along their ends. These pips are printed on the side of each tile, and in most sets, a player can determine which end of a domino belongs to which suit by looking at the number of pips.

The number of pips on each side of a domino is often labeled with a corresponding Arabic numeral, but some larger sets use more readable digits instead. The most commonly used pips are 6 and 3.

A domino is a wooden, plastic or metal tile that is twice as long as it is wide. It usually has a line in the center to divide it into two squares. The sides are colored with different numbers of pips, and each tile has a number of pips on both ends that match the number of pips on the next domino in the set.

In a domino game, the player with the best hand is the one who can knock down more of the other player’s dominoes than the other player can. The person who can do this first wins the game.

If the dominoes are arranged correctly, they form patterns that create pictures when they fall. These patterns can be as simple as grids of dominoes forming a picture, or more complex designs like stacked domino walls and 3-D structures. Lily Hevesh, 20, is a professional domino artist who posts videos of her creations online.

Her videos have been viewed by millions, and she has created domino setups for movie and TV shows, including an album launch for Katy Perry. She plans each domino arrangement before she builds it.

She uses a weighing system to ensure that she has the right number of dominoes for each design. She also takes the time to choose the correct color for each pattern she plans on using.

In addition to her domino art, Hevesh is a freelance writer and editor for Domino’s magazines. She’s published more than 150 articles in the past decade.

When she’s not writing about dominoes, she works as a digital marketing strategist and creative director at a PR agency. Her clients include the Washington Post and New York Times.

Hevesh’s domino art has even been featured on a Domino’s pizza box. She’s a member of the Domino’s National Advisory Board and was named the company’s “Inspirational Employee of the Year” in 2018.

When he’s not writing about dominoes, Hevesh enjoys reading books, playing video games, and spending time with his family. He also makes his own music and is an avid listener of podcasts. He has a thriving YouTube channel, Hevesh5, with more than 2 million subscribers.