What is a Crush?


A crush is an infatuation with someone that makes you want to spend time with them. When people have a crush they usually have butterflies in their stomach, feel nervous around them, and get anxious when they see them. Having a crush is normal and can lead to many different things, including a relationship. If you have a crush you should only tell your close friends about it, so that they can help you if it gets serious.

A crush can also be a physical feeling, where you notice something very small about your body that changes the way you look at someone. For example, you might notice that when your crush is near you, you become more focused on them or that their voice sounds different when they talk. You may also start noticing things about their appearance, like the color of their eyes or how they wear their hair.

The word crush comes from the Latin word crusha, which means to break or smash. The word is also used figuratively to mean an overwhelming number, such as a crush of people on a subway car. It can also refer to a painful event, such as being crushed by the weight of an elephant.

There are a lot of different types of crushes, including romantic, platonic, and work related. Romantic crushes are when you have feelings for another person. These crushes can lead to a romantic relationship or they can just be a friend. Platonic crushes are when you have an emotional connection with someone. This type of crush can be a friend or a family member. Work crushes are when you have a special connection with someone at your job.

A person who is a crush is someone that you think about all the time and dream about when you sleep. You might walk by their locker a million times in the hopes of seeing them or you might change the route you take to class so that you can pass by their desk. If you are always thinking about your crush and you find yourself acting differently around them, it is probably a good idea to try to figure out what you are feeling. You can also ask your friends what they think.

You should be careful who you talk to about your crush, because they might get embarrassed if they know about your crush. It is best to only tell your closest and most trusted friends about your feelings for your crush. If you spill the beans to all your friends, it might make your crush mad or it could ruin your chances of them liking you back. If you do decide to tell all of your friends, make sure they are supportive and not judgmental.

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