What is a Crush?


What is a Crush?

A crush is an intense feeling of infatuation for someone. It is sudden and unexpected. Often, a crush is an unknown person. The person who is crushing on you will fantasize about certain qualities of their crush. If you are able to talk to your new crush and develop a relationship with him, your feelings will grow. You should avoid making the mistake of trying to impress your current crush by acting like a normal human being and remaining distant.

A crush can be difficult to explain and define. Many people believe that the word comes from the word mash, which was a term for flirtatious people in 1870. The phrase “to be on the mash” meant to be head over heels in love. A masher was a guy who enticed young ladies with a crafty look and a smooth line of conversation. In addition to describing the feeling, the word “crush” is also used to describe a person who is not in a committed relationship.

In addition to being an emotional roller coaster, having a crush can also lead to crazy behaviour. The term is often interpreted as a sign of deep affection or an intense desire. Both crush and love are powerful feelings, but the former is based on physical attraction while the latter is based on understanding and trust. There are several types of a crush. If you are unsure which one you’re experiencing, it’s probably worth trying to understand the difference between the two.

Some kids chase their crushes around the playground. Others tease their crushes. And some are just plain jealous and want attention from their crush. But what makes a true crush different? The answer is that it’s personal and unique, but not necessarily a sexual one. While you can’t choose who you are attracted to, you can control how you react to it. And remember, your crush can be as romantic as you want it to be.

A girl crush is a type of crush that is non-romantic. These girls have a strong sense of style and may have talents they’re envious of. Some of these girls are also sought after by other women, which means that they have a crush on them. The problem is that they’re not really dating a man, but are obsessed with a woman they admire. This is not only a sexual situation.

Some people have a crush on other women. However, it’s possible to have a crush on a woman and still be friends with him. You might be attracted to the same thing. If you have a crush on another woman, you can say that she’s your “girl crush” in a non-gay way. In this case, she isn’t a sexual person. You can have a crush on anyone if you’re attracted to them.