What Are the Feelings of a Crushed Over Someone?


What Are the Feelings of a Crushed Over Someone?

“crush” is a term for feelings of platonic or romantic love, usually felt during early childhood and adolescence, usually 4 to 14-year-olds. It’s named after the look in a puppy’s eyes that can resemble the loving, worshipful fondness that might be felt in response to a beloved pet. ” Crush” is also commonly used when referring to crush syndrome, which is a collection of symptoms that are similar to those of crush. These include: persistent requests for favors, constant envy of other children, feeling overly responsible and often fearful of being abandoned, clinging to parents or other adults excessively, frequent physical injury as a result of fighting with another child, and persistent dreams of becoming a particular person. These are just some of the symptoms associated with crush.

Many sufferers of crush usually express these intense emotional feelings through play. This usually happens during the early years of development, when their physical and mental capabilities are still developing, and they do not yet have a solid grasp on reality. The result of this play can be very extreme kiddie behavior – complete detachment from outside stimuli, including family members, friends, and even people in their own school; inability to make friends easily; crankiness, moodiness, and anger; and even destruction of their home, school, and relationships.

If crushes persist throughout adolescence and adulthood, this can then be considered as a form of psychological abuse. In some cases, the crush can actually become so powerful that it can affect an individual’s sense of self-worth, leading to depression. While there are those who suffer from crushes exclusively as a result of childhood trauma (i.e. sexual abuse), there are others who crush because of other reasons like peer pressure or liking a particular cartoon character.

crush is described in two distinct forms: physical and mental. Crushes can affect a person in different ways: either they can feel overwhelming sensations of pleasure or pain, or they can be experiencing physical sensations that simply make them feel “crushed”. One thing that all crushes feel like is embarrassment. To other people, seeing a crush can be very embarrassing, and sometimes getting rid of it requires the help of others, whether it is a parent telling the child’s crush that he or she should “get a move on” or an adult trying to break up a fight between two teenagers. The emotions felt inside the body are very real, and they do feel like a physical pain: the crush is literally ripping apart the emotions that the crush is feeling.

Even though we have various explanations for how crushes feel like, the underlying sensations are generally the same. A crush is a painful experience that can make an individual feel things like shame, embarrassment, sadness, anger, and lack of self-worth. It is not uncommon to actually feel depressed because you are crushing someone – even if, to you, it isn’t an issue.

If you are in this situation, one of your first goals should be to figure out why you are crushing someone. Often times crushes are caused by past trauma or abuse (such as sexual assault or violence), or even just by growing up in a culture where females are expected to be attractive and self-confident. Getting to the root cause of your crush can be the first step towards getting over it. Once you know why you are crushing someone, you can begin to work towards changing those feelings. If your crush is someone who is trying to get a girlfriend or someone who is shy and awkward, the tips given above might just help you get over them more quickly and more thoroughly.