The Three Types of Love

Unlike the way we speak of the physical aspects of love, the way we think about love has its complexities. In the Greek language, there were three basic kinds of love. The Greek philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas defined love as “the desire that another person should succeed in life.” While these definitions can sometimes be confusing, they do provide insight into the Christian need to love others. Here’s a look at each type of loving.


In Greek mythology, love was considered to be the affection of the gods. It is unconditional, and is not affected by an object’s actions. The definition of love should not be confined to feelings. A love can be physical or emotional. It can also be spiritual or philosophical. It can be a feeling or an enacted emotion. It is a profoundly satisfying experience for the lover. If one is in love with someone, the feeling of love is a powerful feeling that cannot be described in words.

Erotic love is based on physical attraction. This type of love requires undivided attention. A person who enjoys this kind of love will spend time with their partner every day, paying attention to each other, making love, or creating something together. Storage love is regarded as more mature and is based on shared interests, open affection, and trust. In this type of love, the other person is not needy or dependent and is able to express the same feelings for you.

Agape: Agape is a type of love that is based on the sacrosanct idea of unconditional love. It is described as an unconditional bond between two individuals. If you share a strong affinity with a person, you feel it for them in the same way. This kind of love can be found in the most unexpected places. If you’re not sure what love is, don’t worry! Just remember that it’s not the same thing as a feeling of attachment and devotion.

The meaning of love is often complex. The term is generally used to describe an intense affection. But it should be understood as a feeling. This is why it’s important to understand the origin of the word. It can be as simple as a deep-seated affection that a parent shares with their child. You can’t truly love without an enacted bond, but it can be a very powerful motivation to make a relationship last a lifetime.

While some types of love are based on physical attraction, others are based on an intense intimacy. While it’s possible to love a person through erotic means, there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to a person who is not into erotic relationships. A person who has a strong erotic sense of romance will not commit to a relationship. Instead, he or she will be able to tell whether a person loves him or her.