The Three Types Of Crushes


The Three Types Of Crushes

Cute puppy love, also called a crush, is a non-specific term for feelings of platonic or sometimes romantic love, usually felt at a young age and often associated with a puppy. It’s named after the similarity to the loving, worshipful fondness that can be felt when a puppy embraces you. Although there are several other emotions associated with fondness for puppies, such as friendship or attention, nothing compares to the pure, uninhibited adoration a pure puppy has for his or her owner. While it may seem like a crush is nothing more than an affection for your puppy, it is in fact a strong bond that is essential to a healthy, emotionally fulfilling relationship.

Although most crushes are formed by early years of early experiences with people who are considered “crush mates,” crushes often appear much later in life. If you feel a strong emotional connection to a person, it’s entirely possible that a connection isn’t as strong now as it was when you first knew that person. Perhaps you’ve had a crush on a classmate since grade school, or you’ve fallen in love with the woman you worked with in the office. Regardless of how long ago the crush is, if you feel a strong emotional connection to that person, then that crush is a crush and you should probably still be friends. If however, that same intense connection doesn’t seem to exist between you and that someone you once considered a friend, then you might want to consider another relationship.

When crushing begin to develop, they usually take the form of mild to moderate romantic feelings toward an individual who strikes a chord in your heart. Whether the crush is a crush on your own sibling, a crush on another teen athlete, or a crush on the actor whom you’re most interested in, the development of romantic feelings toward that person is perfectly normal. The development of romantic feelings typically involves feelings of love, desire, and friendship for that individual. While these feelings are generally felt throughout high school and beyond, sometimes crushes develop further and deeper into romantic feelings.

If you have crushes on someone in particular, or if you feel extremely emotional love and desire for someone, then you might imagine that you might feel those same feelings toward that other individual. If you can’t really pinpoint which crush you are feeling, or which crush you might imagine you might feel, then the best thing to do is just sit down and try to pinpoint exactly what those specific feelings are. Once you know what you feel, then you can determine whether or not those particular feelings are crush related.

Some people develop crushes even when there is absolutely no connection to anyone at all. This might happen if you find yourself attracted to a girl at the gym, but have never really had much interest in girls in general. However, this crush might still exist because of something that happened during middle school or high school, which has nothing to do with anyone at all. In this case, the crush might just be in your head. You can usually recognize crushes if you can feel them; however, it’s not always possible to tell for sure until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have a crush, the best way to know for sure is to simply pay attention to how you behave around others. Are you constantly trying to make eye contact? Do you shy away from direct eye contact? When you are with a group of people, do you prefer to talk to them and engage in conversations, or do you prefer to look around for opportunities to slip a suggestive comment? Pay attention to how you act when you are around others and you should be able to easily determine whether or not you have a crush.