The Science Of Attraction – Krishnaseys Secret Science Of Loving You – By Luanne Oakes


The Science Of Attraction – Krishnaseys Secret Science Of Loving You – By Luanne Oakes

“Love is a difficult state to achieve, but once you’ve found it, there’s no time like the present.” This love quote is from the movie, A Few Good Men. In this movie, Ben Kingsley plays an attorney who falls in love with a woman he knows nothing about. His passion for her blossoms into a strong, lifelong relationship. But even though he says all those nice things, there is something almost pathological about him; he doesn’t seem to know how to love properly.

Love has been called the feeling that accompanies self-gratification or sexual pleasure. Krishna explains in the Upanishad: “The supreme truth is love which is the essence of life; the love which binds the soul to God, from whom we derive existence by adoption, enjoyment, and service.” It is this love which is the motivating force which will lead us to attain our highest spiritual goals. Krishna also describes love as the condition which will manifest itself in all the desires of men (Krsna calls them “desires” because He wants all humans to love Him): “love is the form of joy, the symbol of pleasure, the expression of delight, the guarantee of life, the guarantee of health, the guarantee of prosperity, the element which impels man to accomplish his work.”

Krishna explains why interpersonal love refers to an intimate relationship with God: “eness” or “prana” or “life-force” is the core substance of our being which sustains our physical being and makes it possible for us to enjoy life to the fullest. The more we give importance to “prana”, or our innate life-force, the more our lives will be happy, fulfilling and long lasting. Krishna explains that love is a powerful resource, which can make people go a long way: “Dallas is a city of gold. The man who loves his brother is he who will find gold.” On the main article of this web site, Krishna encourages us to go beyond ourselves, to let go of our ego and to develop our compassionate relationship with all human beings – for this is the way to reach enlightenment.

In the companionate relationship, love is the driving force which transforms us into the state of fullness with ourselves and fellow-men. The first two chapters of the book explain the significance of human bonding to be found in nature and how we can utilize our feelings to transform our relationships and fulfill our lives. The author tells us that human bonding is the basic organizing principle of everything that exists, including ourselves and other human beings.

The book contains sections on the path to happiness and outlines four stages of affection. The first stage is “ancestral love”; this is the love which humans receive from their parents when they are young and which strengthens the bond between them through the generations. The second stage is “personal love” – this is the love which humans receive from their lovers, friends or colleagues and which remains inspired by the presence of jealousy or resentment. The third stage “eternally attached” – this is the love which humans receive from a person of whom they have a continuing affection, regardless of the absence of any intimacy. Finally, the last stage is “mastery” – the love which humans receive from someone whom they regard as their most beloved.

All human beings are attracted by love. Love is the universal solvent, which gives life to all relationships. The author tells us that we should learn to use the law of attraction to transform our interpersonal relationships and live lives of true love. This book is an outstanding guide to help us discover our true path in life.