The Different Types of Love and How to Recognise True and Fake Love

Love is a complex emotion that involves feelings of warm, protectiveness, and respect for another person. The term can also refer to non-human animals, principles, and religious beliefs. The topic of love has fascinated philosophers for generations. While people generally agree that love is an emotion that implies strong feelings of affection, the precise definition of love is debated. In this article, we will discuss the different types of love and how you can recognise true and fake love.


There are several different types of love. Erotic love focuses on physical attraction, sexual intimacy, and intense game-playing. People involved in erotic relationships usually do not commit to relationships and feel comfortable ending them. Storage love is often considered a more mature type of love. The focus is on similar interests and affection. It is not about being physically attractive. In other words, storge lovers are emotionally independent, trusting, and do not feel needy or dependent on others.

The Greeks believed that Agape love was the same as the love that the gods felt towards mankind. The definition of Agape love is that it never fails regardless of one’s actions or the actions of others. It is the same kind of love that parents have for their children. A parent will always love his or her child unconditionally and is not dependent on anyone. Whether or not the lover feels the same way about you, this love is the same.

Despite the many different definitions of love, they share some common characteristics. While most people see love as a feeling, it should be seen as an enacted emotion. It is important to understand that the word can have more than one meaning, so it’s best to explore them individually. This article outlines some of the elements of love. It may be useful to consider the different types of love. When you know what you’re feeling, it will be easier to define the right kind of love.

Passionate love is a deep feeling of affection towards an object. In this case, the object of the affection is also the object of love. Its characteristics include high levels of physical and emotional arousal. The person’s physical attractiveness is important to the intensity of the relationship. It’s important to choose the right type of love for the relationship. If it’s too intense or too shallow, it’s probably not worth the effort.

There are many types of love, and it’s important to identify the type of love you’re experiencing. While infatuation is defined as a lack of commitment, passion is defined as an overwhelming desire for the object of affection. While passionate love is intense, it also has a tendency to last, so it’s important to choose your partner carefully. If you’re infatuated, you can easily get addicted to that person.