The Different Types of Love


The definition of love varies from person to person. But the most common way that it is understood is that it is an intense and profound emotion. The word love is a feeling, but it should be seen as a form of enactment. We have all experienced it – a love for a partner can be more than a sentimental one. Listed below are some characteristics of love that affect brain function. You can use these characteristics to identify whether or not you are in a romantic relationship.

Erotic love is based on the physical attraction to another person, and often involves sexual intimacy. Despite this intense attraction, advocates of erotic relationships often feel no compulsion to stay in a relationship and are content to end it whenever they wish. Storge love, on the other hand, is considered more mature and relies on the same interests, shared values, and open affection. These people are not needy and do not need anyone to make them happy.

In Badhwar’s theory, love is a complex and continuous orientation of thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. It is a character structure. The other person is a worthy object of love if he or she fulfills all of the conditions that are characteristic of storge love. If the person is physically attractive, he or she will likely be able to reciprocate this sentiment. This type of love is also known as “sexual attraction.”

Erotic love is a type of romance that is characterized by intense physical attraction and sex. Despite its name, this type of love is not very serious. Adherents of this style of love are unlikely to commit and are happy to end the relationship if the circumstances call for it. However, if the person demonstrates a genuine interest in the other person, it will most likely develop into a more lasting and fulfilling relationship.

A love that is based on physical attraction and intense intimacy is called erotic. The storge variety involves game-playing and is often characterized by a desire for intense sexual intimacy. This type of love rarely lasts very long because it is not very secure. A person who is emotionally unavailable will not commit to the relationship. A storge lover will easily end a relationship. They can’t make up their mind about the other.

Erotic love is characterized by intense physical attraction. Intimate love focuses on physical intimacy, but erotic love is not based on a deep emotional connection. In addition, it may be characterized by games and emotional distance. An advocate of erotic loves is unlikely to commit, and he or she may even feel comfortable ending a relationship. Alternatively, storge lovers tend to prefer a partner who shares their values and interests.