Should You Let Your crush Date?

Crush, also called puppy love, is an informal term for romantic or mild romantic feelings of platonic or sometimes even romantically expressed during early adolescence and young adulthood, usually 4 to 14 years old. It’s named after the similarity to a puppy’s loving, worshipful affection which can be felt easily. But, it is a very different feeling because with crush, you are not just loving your puppy – you are loving someone who has completely defined your feelings for. It can be quite a scary feeling because sometimes, if you let it, your crush may get into bed with you or leave you alone.


So what can you do if you suddenly feel like you have a crush on this special person? Well, the first thing you should do is “set your hair up” (like a bun) and begin to slowly walk towards them, but don’t reach them yet. Instead, slowly make your way towards the special person and talk to them. Usually, this is enough to make your crush want to get more serious about you. You can also try to flirt with them, although this is often seen as something sweet and innocent, so, again, it might not work.

Sometimes, you might feel like you are being taken advantage of. For example, if your crush is always trying to get your attention by flirting with you or talking to you while you are there, and then you suddenly feel like they aren’t paying any attention to you, or not responding at all to what you are saying, then this can be a sign of crushes. However, if your crush is actually showing their emotions through their words and body language, then you should respect their space. If this isn’t happening, and you still feel like your crush is being taken advantage of, then you should try to do something appropriate to get the attention you need. This could include leaving the room, or telling a friend that you feel like your crush is ignoring you.

Also, you can tell if your crush has a crush on another woman, by their general attitude. If they constantly pout and feel guilty and rejected and try so hard to win you over, then they are showing that they are attracted to someone else. Therefore, another reason why someone might have a crush on another woman is because they are unhappy with themselves and have low self-esteem. This is a crushes best bet, as they will usually give you their attention immediately.

If you are asking yourself whether or not you should let your crush date, then you probably are not ready for that yet. No matter how much you think you want to let your crush date, you should wait until after you have had some more time to reflect and think about your feelings. Many people use the “first crush” as a stepping stone to other crushes, so, if you haven’t had much time to develop your feelings for a while, then it is very likely that your first crush is just a crutch and nothing more. In other words, don’t use your first crush to define who you are and what kind of person you are.

Of course, if you have had crushes on people before that have made you think you are something less than amazing, then you really need to take a long, hard look at yourself. Are you able to handle people’s rejections well? Do you have enough insecurities to make you act out your feelings in a way that other people would find insulting? If you are truly unsure about yourself, then it is best to keep your personal relationships and crushes to yourself, at least for now. You never knowif the next crush is something you are really meant to be dating. There are many crushes out there and many different kinds of people, so if you feel a particular crush is calling your name, just keep looking.