Recognizing Your crush

Crush, or puppy love, is a popular term for feelings of platonic or romantic love, usually felt during early adolescence and youth, usually 4 to 13 years old. Crushes are typically felt as a result of pressure from peer pressure, teasing, abuse, or other forms of emotional abuse. It is sometimes referred to as “spark”. Crushes can also be experienced by those who are in long term relationships, those who have many female friends, and those with a history of sexual abuse or assault.


Some of the most famous people to crush include singers like David Bowie and Patti LaBelle; movie stars like Rod Stewart and Demi Moore; fashion models like Carrie Fisher and Kate Hudson; and motivational speakers including Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey. However, some crushes are more common than others. Some crushes are simply a feeling that someone else is being attractive to them. This crush is not considered a crush on a particular individual, but is more like being in tune with what they feel is a desirable trait or characteristics. In other words, these are just crushes that are “that way” or “that type”.

While some crushes are more obvious, others can sneak up on people disguised as “friendly” feelings. Crush can often be linked to a particular situation that brings about romantic feelings. For instance, being teased or attacked during a game can quickly lead to feelings of being crushed or being misunderstood. However, these crushes are different from being hurt. True crush or romantic feelings are usually more painful than fleeting amusement.

One should not be too quick to label any crush as a crush. Sometimes these feelings just come and go, especially if a crush does not have any impact on the crush’s life (i.e. it fades after a while). The key here is to learn to distinguish between crushes and romantic feelings. Once you are able to do this, you will be able to control your impulses and not let yourself get crushes.

Some common crush/romantic interest includes: super heroes, anime, video games, musicians, writers, celebrities, and television shows. However, some crushes can also be crushes on things that aren’t connected to popular culture. For instance, one might develop a crush on a Kederian cherub because of similarities in personality or appearance. Another example is when a crush happens on you because you look really good in a bikini! However, you shouldn’t base your opinions of a crush solely on how someone looks, because the attraction to others will likely outweigh the physical aspects.

If you feel like you are falling in love with someone, you are likely falling into the crush syndrome. If you have a crush on Brad Pitt, this is definitely not the time to start comparing him to a God. Instead, you should pay attention to how you feel toward him in the moment and take stock of your own feelings for him. If you find that you are falling in love with him, and it seems to last for a long time, it is probably crush. If however, you begin to feel a bit awkward around him or you are constantly thinking about him, you may have developed a crush on a different man.