Is My crush My Type?


Is My crush My Type?

Crush, or dog crush, as some folks refer to it, is an informal terminology for feelings of mild romantic or even platonic love, usually felt during early childhood and adolescence. It’s called crush for a reason: it’s precisely because of this that the crush can turn into a full blown crush. When a crush develops, it’s usually fueled by feelings of adoration for something (perhaps a particular breed of dog, maybe a certain colour or type of clothing) or a feeling of love for a person (maybe a parent, sibling, or friend). As a result, the puppy becomes clingy and protective of that person – sometimes to the point of aggressively guarding their person whenever they meet or get near. The puppy is looking up to them as if they were a “sob brother” or sister.

The crush, like all crush related concepts, has an undercurrent of sexual attraction. However, the sexual component of the crush generally doesn’t come into play during the initial stages of development. A crush is normally more emotionally based – in other words, the crush develops on an emotional level primarily, and/or subconsciously, due to intense infatuation developed by constant interaction with said crush. However, it’s not uncommon for a crush to develop on a purely physical level, too – especially if the crush is very strong and persistent. This is when physical attraction may actually begin to take a backseat to more “important” emotions and feelings.

In order to fully understand the nature of a crush, it helps to know what causes it. To begin with, the crush isn’t necessarily a deep physical attraction. At most, it’s a shared, intuitive, and “intimate” intense feeling that’s generated by some relationship issues that are unresolved. The intense feeling that a crush develops, however, can be much stronger than that – it may even be a “fire” or ” brimstone” that develops based on some unresolved conflict within the crush itself. In this case, a crush is truly powerful – even if the cause of the “fire” isn’t an underlying issue.

Love is a deep, intense feeling of deep affection for another person – regardless of gender or identity. It’s a wonderful feeling that can motivate nearly anyone to stick around a little bit longer in a relationship, too. And most crushes are primarily based on a person’s fear of being abandoned, and their need to feel “safe”. This means that a crush is primarily based on a person’s need to be “needed”, to be wanted, to be cared about. This is why love is a strong emotion, even if it’s just a crush.

But love isn’t always a deep, intense feeling. Sometimes, the crush isn’t strong enough – to spark significant and meaningful love. That’s when it’s time to take a step back. Just because your crush isn’t so intense, or isn’t quite as overpowering as it once was doesn’t mean you should feel bad. It just means that you’re not tapping into the true potential that love can provide – the chance for true connection and soul-searching that only true love offers.

So how do you know if your crush is strong enough to spark significant love? Ask yourself these questions: Are you attracted to this person despite all I’ve heard? Do you feel comfortable around them? Do they make you feel good to be around? If you answered yes to all three questions, then you may have a crush on that person.