How to Recognize a Crush

Crush is a term that combines two words: love and romance. The excitement of a relationship can boost one’s self-esteem and awaken feelings that had been dormant. Although a crush can be excruciating and painful, it can also blossom into something more. Sometimes, it also goes unrequited, leaving one feeling broken and alone. But whatever the case, a crush is sweet and can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves.

If you are unsure whether you have a crush on someone, pay close attention to how they behave. Pay attention to your own physical responses to theirs. Your reactions may surprise you! Depending on the person, you might start to feel shy and tongue-tied or become outgoing and talkative. These are all signs that your crush is on your mind and that you should pay attention to them. You may notice that they flirt with others around them, or become overly shy.

If you have a crush, you may feel that your friends are vanishing when you are around your crush. You may also find yourself smiling more than your friends, or your attention drifts from your friends to your crush. You may even have trouble focusing on people around you. You may also find yourself walking by lockers in hopes of seeing your crush. However, be careful about who you tell your crush. You might accidentally give a hint by rearranging your class schedule and making your way to class via a different route.

Crushing can be a serious injury. When a person is crushed by a heavy object, the body part can be broken into countless pieces. The damage may range from a cut or bruising to an open wound, muscle injury, fractures, and more. Crushing can also lead to a patient requiring amputation to avoid gangrene. You can use this information to help prevent an accident from occurring to you.

If you feel suicidal, you should talk to your friend about your crush. While you should not let the crush decide whether you are worthy of him or not, it is important to understand that it is a warning sign of a low self-esteem. A friend who has a crush on you will understand your feelings. A close friend will also help you decide if you should pursue your crush. It is also important to keep in mind that you cannot control your own feelings.