How to Get Unstuck

Stuck is a state of being in which you feel like you have no options or that you’re trapped. You may feel stuck in your job, at a party, or in a relationship. Often, when we feel stuck, we’re actually in a phase of transition. Whether that means the perfect job you landed last year isn’t working out anymore or you’re still in school and don’t know what your next career step will be. Other times, we’re stuck in a negative mindset or perspective and simply need to change the way we look at a situation to get unstuck.

The word stuck is also used to describe something that can’t be moved or that can’t move as easily as it should. Rather than wallow in feelings of powerlessness, remember that you have choice and control over some aspects of your life, such as your diet, exercise, sleep, and connections with others. Taking a small, actionable step, such as making a vision board or trying the Pomodoro Technique, is a great way to break out of a stuck mindset. By taking charge of some aspect of your life, you’ll reaffirm that you do have choices and can change the way you think about your situation.