How to Avoid Being Stuck in Traffic


A stuck person is someone who is in an intractable position, incapable of moving or changing. People may be stuck in traffic, between two surfaces, or in a jar lid. Sometimes stuck means indecisiveness. Stuck comes from the Old English word stician, which means to pierce or fasten something. It is also a verb. The following example shows how to avoid being stuck in traffic:

When someone is grieving, they often struggle with their memories and thoughts. They may confuse distressing thoughts with unpleasant feelings, which can create a downward spiral of negative emotions. Others get distracted by their emotions and fail to address the underlying thought. Stuck points can negatively impact a person’s sense of safety, power, esteem, and intimacy. Ultimately, they can make it difficult to trust and interact with others. But if you’re stuck in a rut, there are ways to move forward.

One way to overcome writer’s block is to make it a creative outlet. Try using handwriting or fun materials to write. You may need a break from the computer to clear your mind. Remember not to force ideas to come to you. Even the greatest writers have struggled with writer’s block. It’s better to allow yourself some time to think and write. This is important. There’s no sense in forcing an idea upon yourself – you can’t make yourself feel better in the long run.