Domino Games

Domino, the story of a small boy that dies and rises again, in a single line, no less. Though not the same characters, and reading done many years ago; there were little sewing and smoking, though not the same adults; they were the boisterous monsters of the sea to be looked at and cared for; strange, empty ships had to be looked at with suspicious eyes, and wise choices came about regarding them… The small boy had a domino suit on, and his name was Tony. We don’t know how he died, or rise again, but we are told his story, in a wonderful piece of a fairy tale, that is all its own.

Tony’s story begins when he slides down a pier on an old oak pier, not looking for a pretty girl, but someone who can use him. He thinks he’s onto something, and hurries off into the night. One of the local fishers sees him, and he does a little slow whistle to get their attention, but they aren’t in the mood for games. They tell him that they’ve got plenty of domino sets available, but he needs to find one with a big fat bone in it. They let him have no choice, since it would destroy the bones of all the other domino sets.

So, one of the players puts on a domino and starts playing. One of the players, a woman, asks the fisher, “How’d you get that bone into your new set of dominoes?” The guy says, “I…I just took it off a cliff.” And indeed, he did take it off a cliff.

Domino scoring is easy: each domino contains one point, which is the total number of heads (where a head is on a pole) and tails (where the head is already moving) on that particular board. Each player receives one point for each domino they possess and loses one point for each domino they remove from the board. There are usually fifteen domino sets on the table, so this is a simple game for everyone.

Once all the dominoes are removed, the players whittle their score down by totaling up the heads (bones) and tails on the different dominoes. Then each player gets to place their bones on a special domino face on the table. The winning player receives the most points. This is the most fun part of the game, because each person gets to see how others play it, what makes them a winner, and what makes them a loser.

The rules for playing the game are very simple. All that is required is that each player has at least two domino tiles between them, that all the tiles are on the playing table and that each player has successfully placed their bone on at least one of the domino sets on the table. There are no rules about how the tiles are moved or where they are on the table, other than that each player receives a point for each successfully place their bone on a tile. It’s a great way to break out of your regular game-day routine and get a little more done during the day!