Definition of Stuck


The word stuck means a fixed object that cannot be moved. Examples include a jar lid, a car stuck in traffic, or indecisiveness. The word stuck derives from Old English stician, which means to pierce or fasten. There are many definitions of stuck. To learn more, read this article about the various definitions of stuck. Here are some of the most common uses for the word. In our modern world, stuck can mean anything from a frozen jar lid to a traffic jam.

When a person gets stuck, they look like they’re completely clueless. The truth is that stuck people look absolutely dumb. Many times, we’re caught in an argument or lie that we didn’t intend to tell, and the other person makes an irrefutable point. Despite our best intentions, we’re simply caught up in our own minds, unable to move forward. While we may know the correct steps to take, we’re unable to take them because we’re battling our perfectionism or self-doubt.