Are There Truly Loving Relationships?


Are There Truly Loving Relationships?

What is love? Many people think it is something different than what they know of as love. Love is actually a group of behaviors and feelings characterized by emotional intimacy, intensity, commitment, and emotional love. It usually involves compassion, closeness, love, devotion, security, and trust in relationships. If love is part of your definition of love then you are probably looking for someone to love you. If not then you may need to learn more about love.

Love is actually a very complicated concept that can mean different things to different people. Some people believe that love means being able to identify with another person. This is romantic love. However, others believe that romantic love is having sexual feelings for another person.

Love can also be defined as the feelings you have for another person, whether you have any physical attraction to them or not. Some people confuse love with lust. Lust just happens because two people meet each other physically and that is the beginning of their relationship. However, love may also begin within a person’s heart and it develops into a physical attraction to another person.

Love differs from lust because love involves feelings of affection. Although both men and women experience attraction throughout their relationships, some people tend to see love as a more appropriate term. Loving another person is just as much about feelings as it is about physical attraction. Some people call the affection between a husband and wife to love, but it isn’t necessarily affection. The husband may show his affection for his wife by taking her out to dinner or buying her gifts on a regular basis, but he doesn’t have to put himself under her love or devotion.

Many people define love differently based upon whether they have long-term relationships. The majority of relationships that last for a long period of time are characterized by strong feelings of friendship, similar interests, shared values and similar dreams and goals. If you look back at your own life and the relationships you have had over the years, you will notice that those types of long-term relationships tend to have been built upon deeper feelings for one another.

In order to build long-term positive emotions with another person, you must be able to share deep feelings with them. If you only get to start feeling positive emotions for another person when you first sit down with them it will usually result in a strong relationship. That is because you are sharing positive emotions for the other person before you have ever really met them. So the next time you find yourself getting nervous around another person do not think about how nervous you would be if you were just meeting them for the first time.