What is a Crush?

The word crush is used to describe a feeling of intense infatuation with someone, usually with the idea that this person might become one’s romantic partner. It is often a short-lived affair, but it can lead to feelings of sadness and disappointment when the crush isn’t reciprocated or the person doesn’t respond as one would hope. A crush can be a friend, coworker, classmate or even a celebrity.

The feeling is a mixture of emotions, including anxiety and insecurity. It can also be a form of sexual desire or lust, and it can cause an individual to fantasize about their crush. Those who have a crush can feel euphoria, giddiness and intense excitement. They may blush when they see their crush, or smile more frequently. They might think about them all the time, or try to find excuses to be near them.

Crush can be hard to deal with, especially if the person is already in a relationship. It is important to consider their current situation and how a new relationship could impact them, if at all. Having a crush can also be confusing and overwhelming, and it is difficult to know how to respond when they are not showing interest in you. Often, it is best to be indirect in expressing your feelings, but you can also ask for help from a trusted friend or professional counselor.

In a recent study, researchers found that men and women reported similar patterns of positive and negative outcomes associated with their crushes. The most common negative outcome was a sense of conflict with their primary partner, which was often based on moral concerns that the crush represented some type of betrayal or unfaithfulness. In some cases, a crush can even cause jealousy in the primary partner, which can have lasting effects.

Some people have a hard time telling their crushes how they feel, and this can be a problem if the crush is in a relationship. This can be a difficult thing to overcome, but it is possible. Some ways that people can express their feelings are by giving them gifts, flirting with them, or just being very direct and telling them that they like them. It is also helpful to be patient and remember that a crush isn’t necessarily a sign of true love.

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