What to Do When Your Dog Crushes You


What to Do When Your Dog Crushes You

Crush, also referred to as a crush, is a non-sexual term for intense, sometimes romantic, feelings of platonic or romantic love, normally felt during early childhood and often shared with other dogs. It’s named after the look-alike look of an affectionate, worshipful puppy dog. While a crush on a person is often harmless, it can quickly lead to an intense sexual longing that can result in broken relationships or even sexual abuse. If you have a crush on someone in particular, it may be time to talk to your dog about it.

While some crushes are fueled by lust, other crushes are fueled by feelings of romance. These types of crushes can often be the result of a past relationship that didn’t end or a lack of attention at a young age. These types of crushes can have dangerous, unhealthy consequences if they get too serious. Some of the warning signs of these harmful, unneeded romances include acting out or obsessing over another human being.

Many dogs display behavior known as kederian cord reflex. This is when they become distressed and lash out physically at others who they consider a crush. Kederian cord reflex can manifest itself in behaviors such as snarling, biting, chewing, and scratching. Some kederian crushes have even been known to jump onto and bite puppies that resemble their owner, as well as adults who are wearing clothes similar to theirs.

Not all crushes are as extreme as the above-mentioned behavior. Many crushes that arise in dogs are actually a form of mild sexual attraction. These are often shown during playtime, especially in pups who are naturally inquisitive. In some cases, these can become more intense as the animal gets older. However, it’s important to remember that not all puppies can be considered romantic by any means.

It’s important that you don’t let your crush define you. Although you may be intimidated by him or her, you shouldn’t let that crush control everything about you. After all, he or she is just a dog. You don’t need to take on their romantic desires or feelings if you don’t want to. If you feel uncomfortable with someone because you believe their crush might have control over you, find other friends who will respect your own wishes.

Don’t let your crush ruin your life. As strange as it may seem, some dogs don’t feel like feeling loved. If you feel like your crush is emotionally abusing you, do what you can to break the relationship off. Remember, you have the right to feel like a special dog just like everyone else, and no one needs to rule your life or demand that you bow to their romantic feelings.