What Is Love?


Love is a very complex emotion. It is often described as a feeling of attraction and affection. However, there are also a number of other definitions of love. For example, you can love a person just because you like him or her, be sexually attracted to someone, or be deeply attached to a family member. No matter what the definition is, love is something everyone needs.

Love is a social and emotional phenomenon, influenced by hormones, neurotrophins, and pheromones. Different people have different conceptions of love, and this affects the way they behave in relationships. Biologically, there are two main drives that are involved in love – affectionate and passionate. Both forms of love require activity.

When a person is in love, they want to be committed to each other, move in together, start a family, or lift each other up in their careers. They want to do anything and everything to make the relationship progress. If they can’t meet these goals, they should seek professional help. If they can’t fix the problem themselves, seeking help can save the relationship.

In the 20th century, a rabbi named Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler defined love as the desire to do good for another person. In his book, Michtav me-Eliyahu Vol. 1, he explained that love is an obligation between Christians and their enemies. To be a loving person, you should seek out ways to make others happy, and this means helping them with their daily lives.

The Greeks believed that love is a powerful emotion. The Greeks called it Agape. It is a universal emotion that never ends. It is characterized by unconditional love and is found in all things. It is often compared to parental love. For example, you should be able to express your love for your partner unconditionally.

In order to truly experience love, you must accept your partner for who he or she is. This means that you should not try to change them or pretend to be someone else. It is also important to show respect and empathy to your partner and be understanding. This is a vital part of true love. If you have these qualities, you’ll be able to experience true love.

In the Hindu tradition, love is related to enlightenment. For example, the love of Radha for Krishna is considered supreme. It transcends the realms of material existence and transcends lust. It also transcends all limitations of the individual. It can also be described as the love of God, which is unconditional.

If you’re struggling with a crush, seek out help from a therapist. Working with a therapist will help you understand your feelings more deeply and create a healthier relationship.