What is a Crush?


A crush is a feeling of romantic attraction towards another person. This feeling usually begins in childhood or early adolescence. It’s often called puppy love, as it resembles the affection a puppy feels towards a human being. However, there are some important differences between crushes and puppy love.

First of all, a crush usually makes you daydream about doing romantic things. It might make you listen to romantic music or watch romantic movies. In addition, you may even identify with the characters in a romantic play or movie. You may feel like Romeo or Juliet, and imagine doing those things with your crush.

A crush is the result of infatuation. It’s a person’s attempt to win someone over. In other words, the crush will crush the other person’s heart. This is why the word crush is often used to describe a romantic relationship. The etymology of the word crush is unclear, but some researchers say it derives from the word mash, which was used in the 1870s to mean flirtatious or head over heels.