What is a Crush?

In the nineteenth century, the term “crush” was used to describe someone who was infatuated with someone else. Originally, the word meant something that stopped a person in their tracks, but it was soon extended to other things. In 1870, it was a way for people to flirt with others. During the Victorian era, a man could be ‘on the mash,’ which meant to be infatuated with someone. The word is used to describe any kind of attraction, and it was not limited to romance.


The definition of a crush varies from person to person, but they have a commonality: the underlying emotion of physical attraction. By contrast, love is a deep, enduring feeling of affection based on trust and understanding. In a sense, both types of feelings are intense, but one is based on physical attraction, whereas the other is based on an emotional attachment. In other words, a crush is instant, while love develops gradually.

Although it is important to be open about having a crush, you shouldn’t force yourself to get close to anyone. It’s perfectly normal to be tempted to tease your crush or call them up to get their attention. However, if you’re not sure that the person is worth your time, be sure to give him/her some time to think about your decision. Remember, you can always change your mind. You should make the decision based on what feels right at the time.

When a person has a crush on someone, it can be difficult to determine whether the relationship is long-lasting. Some kids will even tease their crushes to get their attention. And they’ll try to chase them around the school or playground, just so they can get their crush’s attention. This is an unhealthy way to go about the whole thing, so you should not push it. It’s better to take time before making the decision and figuring out the situation.

A crush will never make you fall in love with a person. It’s not the best time to make a decision based on your feelings for another person. If you are deeply infatuated with someone, you’ll have a hard time ignoring their negative qualities, even if they are annoying or unattractive. It’s best to stay away from them if you’re unable to see the other side of the person. If it is too late, you’ll have broken up with your crush, too.

The best way to avoid making a crush is to be honest about your feelings for the person you’re smitten with. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re crushing on someone – a crush will be happy to tell you. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. A person’s true feelings are often a reflection of their own personality. A girl who’s not open to their partner can be an alcoholic.