What Does Crush Mean?

A crush is when you have an intense feeling of romantic interest in someone. It can be the person you see in class, or your best friend. When you see them, your heart begins to beat faster, and you might blush. You want to spend more time with them, and you are always thinking about them.

A person with a crush is also often eager to help their crush. They might offer to get this person water or food if they are thirsty or hungry. They might even spend their time assisting them with projects or chores that are important to them. This is because they are focused on the person they have a crush on, and they want to be with them as much as possible.

The person with a crush can be eager to tell everyone about their feelings for this person. This can be a great way to express their feelings and make them feel special. However, it can also be overwhelming for the person they have a crush on, as it might feel like their entire world has been turned upside down.

They might not know how to handle it, and they may be scared that the person will reject them. In addition, if the person they have a crush on has a relationship, it can cause problems in their relationship because it can be awkward and embarrassing for them. In some cases, a crush can even lead to a breakup.

Another meaning of crush is when you are defeated by someone or something. For example, if you have a crush on someone, it can make you feel defeated if they win an award. If you are in a competition with your crush, it can be crushing to lose against them.

In the soybean industry, Crush refers to the physical process of converting soybeans into oil and meal. It also refers to the monetary value that can be realized by selling soybeans. It can also refer to the facilitated spread traded on CME Globex that is used to indicate market expectations for soybean prices.

In the late 19th century, the popular soft drink Crush was created in Plano, Texas. It was originally made with real orange juice and pulp, but it was eventually replaced with shelf-stable flavor compounds because of the high cost of real fruit. Today, the Crush brand is owned by Keurig Dr Pepper of Plano, and it is popular in countries like Canada and Argentina. However, in the US, it is overshadowed by other flavors such as grape and strawberry. It is also a staple in the Mexican soft drink market, where it is distributed by Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Mexico. It was once sold in other Latin American countries as well, such as Chile and Guatemala. This article was written by the wikiHow staff, and edited by Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus.