Tips For Staying Stuck in Your Car


Stuck is a word that is often used to describe one’s state of being. It can be frustrating and even debilitating. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the process less painful. These tips aren’t designed to solve all of your problems, but you should at least be able to survive the situation.

The number one tip is to always remember that you are not the only one with the same problem. Be on the lookout for other drivers and pedestrians. You never know when you may need a hand or two. If you find yourself in the throes of a car wreck, be sure to take advantage of the many ambulances in the area.

Another useful tip is to stay away from cars with traction control systems. This isn’t just because you are stuck in a snowbank, but because the system may cause your engine to overheat. A little air conditioning can go a long way to making the inside of your vehicle a much better place to be. Also, if you are in a hurry, there’s a good chance you can get out of the situation before it’s too late.

While you’re at it, remember to take a break from the road and give your engine a breather. This is especially important if you are prone to headaches and migraines. Even if you don’t feel the effects, it’s important to get out of the car and stretch your legs every once in a while. Plus, if you are in an accident, it’s better to get out of the car than to be trapped inside.

If you are a first time driver or haven’t driven your car in years, it’s always a good idea to get a refresher course. For example, if you plan on driving in the snow, be sure to put on your winter tires before you go out and do it yourself. In addition, keep a snow shovel in your trunk. Having a shovel on hand can come in handy if you need to clear the front end of the car or remove some of the loose snow.

Finally, if you are stuck in the middle of a storm, be sure to use your navigation system to navigate the roads and tangles. If you do decide to slog your way through the snow, be sure to take your foot off the gas to prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding.