The Different Types of Love

A symphony of feelings and experiences, love is complex and personal. It can be romantic love, the deep connection that you feel with someone in a committed relationship; familial love, the bond between parents, children or siblings; or platonic love, the feeling that comes from sharing a special friendship.

For many people, the most significant love of all is their love for God. In Hindu philosophy, this is called bhakti love. Bhakti love has different forms and practices, and can take many forms including devotional practice, service to others, or simply loving kindness.

While psychologists have been studying love for over 75 years, they only started to distinguish between different types of love in the last few decades. Romantic love is one form, and it is also the source of much poetry, song lyrics and movies. However, other types of love can be just as profound and important.

Family love, for example, can help to create strong bonds and support healthy relationships. Love for a pet can help people to feel connected and to promote the well-being of animals and humans. Love for a career or profession can inspire selfless sacrifice and contribute to the welfare of society. It can even be the motivation behind people who dedicate their lives to fighting for social justice and peace.

There is no single definition of love, but most experts agree that it involves a combination of several elements. One theory is that love can be broken down into three components: intimacy, passion and commitment. In the case of romantic love, if all three are present in a relationship, true love is said to exist. Intimacy is the ability to share secrets and show physical closeness. Passion is the intense emotional attachment that you feel for someone, and commitment is the promise to continue to nurture the relationship.

While it is possible to fall in and out of love, research suggests that the more intense the love, the more likely it is to be lasting. Moreover, the more deeply you love, the harder it is to break up. For this reason, it’s important to make your relationship a priority and not take things for granted.

If you are trying to get your crush or new partner to fall in love with you, try showing interest in their hobbies and passions. They will appreciate it and may begin to see you in a new light. In addition, it’s important to be authentic and honest with your feelings. It’s also helpful to be open about your past relationships and how they have shaped your views on love.