The Definition of Love

Over the last two decades, scientific study of love has become a growing field. The color wheel theory of love has three primary styles and nine secondary styles, and the triangular theory suggests three core components of love: commitment, intimacy and passion. Many religions have added additional meanings to the word love, which makes defining it even more difficult. While some people believe that love is an abstract concept, others argue that it can be defined as a feeling, a state of mind, or even a physical attraction.


Some people define love as a feeling of warm affection. While most people understand the definition as an intense feeling, this definition should be interpreted more as an enacted emotion. The word is also used as an adjective when describing the affection of a person. The definition of love should be taken as a metaphor for the feelings that a person experiences when they are in love. When it comes to romantic relationships, the term can be a metaphor for the intense emotions a person feels.

In a relationship, love is a feeling of deep attachment. Although it is most often defined as an intense emotion, love is also an enacted emotion. When a person is in love, it is difficult to separate the feelings that are exhibited by the person. In a relationship, love should be a shared experience and not merely a feeling. And once the feeling is there, it can be a catalyst to a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.

When a person is passionate about a person, they are incredibly happy. They feel deeply connected to the other, and they share an overwhelming desire for them. While the love is mutual, it is still based on different levels of compatibility. It is not the same as lust or sexuality, but it is a deep feeling of desire. It is an important part of a relationship, and one that should be nurtured. And in a relationship, there is a certain balance between the two.

Erotic love focuses on physical attraction and sex. It is a shallow form of love. While it is very common, it is not the only type of love. There are different types of feelings between a person and another person. Some people may only love their partner if they feel a certain connection with their partner, while others may prefer to be sexually active. While love is a strong emotion, it is important to remember that it’s important to respect the differences between people in order to avoid being too judgmental.

In a romantic relationship, the feelings of love are not mutual. The two partners must be emotionally compatible in order to develop a lasting relationship. This is the most common type of love. Infatuation is an intense and brief form of attraction, whereas passionate love is a more intense form of love. A lover with an erotic form of the emotion may have a different gender. The same gender is the same in the two types of relationships.