Stuck on a Deadline? Try a Sticky Note


If you’re stuck on a deadline or you just want to impress a prospective employer, a sticky note might just be for you. The term stuck is used to describe the situation when a particular object is in a fixed position, such as the lid of a jar. Stuck is also a word used to refer to the state of being frozen or jammed. While stuck isn’t exactly a sexy word, it does have a lot of clout.

To the uninitiated, a sticky note might just be an unsightly piece of paper. However, in the world of sticky notes, it’s actually a handy way to keep track of important documents. It may even ward off thieves.

There is a plethora of fables about a sticky note. In fact, the concept has so much cachet that it even spawned a whole industry. Aside from the standard black and white paper, some firms even offer a full suite of swag. Often, these firms will even give away a free bottle of wine.

Sticking to one particular topic for a long time can lead to indecisiveness, as well as stress. A great way to keep stress at bay is to read a book, watch a movie, or play a game every day. This enables you to concentrate on your work, which in turn helps you stay productive. And, you may even learn a thing or two about yourself. Getting stuck in a rut is a terrible way to start a new relationship. That’s why a slew of sticky note books are a good idea.

One of the best ways to ward off a sticky note is to invest in a first aid kit. Take a class or two to learn how to deal with choking emergencies. You might even want to consider taking a sneeze class, as a sneeze can resemble a sticky note in more cases than one. Of course, you’ll need to pick a good one, because a sneeze isn’t exactly a squeaky clean situation.