Moving a Stuck Vehicle

Have you ever been stuck on a road? Have you ever had that sinking feeling that something is just not right? Have you ever tried to drive your car out of the snow only to have it fail to move at all? If so, then you have likely experienced a stuck car. What causes cars to become stuck in snow and how to get out of a stuck car safely?


A stuck vehicle occurs when a road object is either stuck on the road or is unable to move forward due to low traction. In the case of a vehicle stuck on a driveway, it typically results from a vehicle getting stuck into the snow. While waiting for help to arrive or making sure that someone else will arrive in a timely fashion, a vehicle stuck on a driveway may damage its tires or could cause the undercarriage of the vehicle to become damaged, both of which are very dangerous circumstances. On the other hand, a vehicle stuck on a busy highway may result from a spill or accident involving multiple vehicles or even a mechanical failure within the engine itself.

Regardless of the cause of a stuck vehicle, there are steps you can take to prepare for your own safety and the safety of those you will be driving around in the event that you become stuck. If you are stuck on a busy highway, prepare to drive as fast as possible. Traffic is not moving at the moment and you should move as quickly as possible in order to see and do the least amount of damage. Avoid any confrontations with the other drivers involved in the accident if at all possible, as this only increases the chance that you will get into an accident with them.

Once you have reached a safe speed, prepare to pull off the roadway. Proceed to the shoulder where you would normally turn around and make your way to the shoulder where you would be able to safely pull off the road. Again, avoid any confrontations, as this only makes you more vulnerable while you are stuck. If you must stop, do so cautiously, being sure to signal to other drivers as to what type of stopped vehicle they should look out for. If you do not signal or stop, other drivers that may be driving along the shoulder will be forced to collide with your stuck vehicle.

In addition to staying safe and being cautious, you also need to act safely while you are stuck. As soon as you have managed to break loose from the stuck vehicle, do not try to fight your way out yourself. You are not equipped to maneuver a stuck vehicle, and it could lead to serious injuries, especially if the stuck car is moving erratically. Instead, wait for the tow truck to arrive. The crew will extricate your vehicle from the stuck vehicle, and you will be safe. Towing services can also help you to safely release the tires of your stuck vehicle if this is the only means of moving it.

It may not be possible for you to free your vehicle yourself. If you have an air compressor, it is advisable that you keep your tires on the ground, so that the weight of the towed vehicle does not damage them. If you do not have an air compressor, a fire extinguisher can help you put out the flames. If you need additional help, contact the tow trucks for assistance. Do not attempt to move a stuck vehicle on your own, as you may cause further damage to the vehicle or injuries to yourself.