Love Is Blind – Learn To See It

The word love has different connotations for different people. For some it is a pure, unbridled love for a mate; for others, it is a tender, personal kind of love that comes from a special connection. Love is the essence of life. And yet, for so many generations and classes of people, love has been used to justify violence and exploitation. How then can love be equated with the violence and injustice that surround us today?

Love encompasses a far wider range of positive and healthy emotional and psychological states, from an absolute joy in the presence of another person, to the strongest personal trait or good behavior, to the simplest enjoyment. Love is a much more generous and humane form of caring than either commerce or work ever could be. True love is a form of generosity – a kind, gentle, forgiving quality that simply makes other people happy. It is not possessive, but rather indiscriminate, sharing with all people in need. This kind of love is at once charitable and constructive. It leads to our being fully present with one another, rather than merely receiving from someone else.

But what does love actually look like? It most often manifests itself as giving, compassion, forgiveness, sharing, receiving, and having fun. This is not to say that every relationship that has this positive emotion fulfills these goals. However, most forms of romantic love do. In fact, when you are in a healthy relationship you will know when you are in love.

When you find true love, you will feel happiness, joy, fulfillment, and even financial abundance. The feelings you experience from your partner and the sense of security they offer is incredibly rewarding. You feel loved and supported instead of taken for granted. And because your bond is founded on such love, your love will last forever. And, when it does, you can look forward to more happy times than you can think of! Yes, you found true love, it is as simple as that.

When you are in a healthy relationship, you tend to listen to each other, you encourage each other, and you have an openness to learning from each other. You are able to grow together in a way that was unimaginable in previous years. These are only some of the reasons why you ve found true love. Others include the fact that you will spend more time together, you will enjoy each others company, and you will have a great deal of fun doing so!

Now that you know what love is, you can take steps to keep it! In fact, you should take steps right away to keep the love that you have now. When you find true love, it will be difficult to imagine living without it. No matter what, you will never regret having found it.