How to Play Dominoes


Unlike other types of playing cards, the domino is a generic gaming device, and you can play it for a variety of games. It’s typically twice as long as it is wide, and the faces are marked with a number, a suit, and a row of pips. The goal of the game is to place the pieces in an order that will produce the largest total of pips. This can be achieved by placing the pieces in a line, or by using a “flick” to move them.

There are many different kinds of dominoes, and each has a unique character. For example, a traditional European domino set lacks the Chinese suit distinctions, and uses Arabic numerals instead of pips. It is traditionally made from dark hardwood such as ebony, or ivory. It is also sometimes made from a rigid material, such as plastic.

The dominoes can be stacked in many interesting ways, including in long lines, or they can be lined up in fun shapes. You can use the tiles in a number of games, and some of the most popular include a block-and-draw version for two to four players, a solitaire game, and a trick-taking game.

For a block-and-draw version of the game, each player draws a number of tiles from a box. The first player picks up three tiles, the second player picks up five, and the third player picks up seven. The first player must then play a tile, either edge-to-edge or diagonally, so that it will touch one end of the chain of dominoes. Then the second player can choose a tile to play.

In the same way, a player in the concentration game must draw a certain number of tiles, and then play a tile so that it will touch one end of the domino chain. The total of pips on the face of the tile must be the same as the total of pips on the adjacent faces. The lead piece has the highest total pip count.

Depending on the type of domino, you may be required to play the shortest tile in the string, or you can play the tile with the highest number. The number of pips at the ends of the chain determines the winner. There are many games you can play with dominoes, but the most popular are those involving a scoring system. In these games, each tile counts for one point. You can also play against a computer. You can also play games with friends, family, or even strangers on the Internet.

The most common variant of the domino is a “double six” set, which has 28 tiles. The double-nine set has 55 tiles, the double-twelve set has 91 tiles, and the double-18 set has 190 tiles. These are the most commonly used sets. However, there are other sizes and varieties, including the “double twenty-one” set, which has 253 tiles. The “double-twelve” set is often called the “double-six” set.