How to Overcome the Feeling of Being Stuck


Stuck is a state of being that involves feeling like you need to do something to move from where you are now to where you would like to be but that you can’t seem to get started. It can also be a time when people find themselves questioning their abilities, their character and their drive. It can be an uncomfortable and frustrating place to be, but the important thing is to identify what is keeping you stuck and then figure out what steps can be taken to remove those roadblocks.

Sometimes, people feel stuck as a result of lasting symptoms from depression that impact their ability to implement changes in their lives. But this isn’t always the case, as people can also feel stuck for many different reasons, such as struggling with motivation, having a hard time accepting their current situation, feeling overwhelmed, low self-worth and confidence, fear of change, outgrowing a particular job or relationship, or simply being uninspired by their current environment.

People who are feeling stuck can often benefit from therapy, whether it is psychotherapy or medication, as these types of professionals can help them to identify the underlying cause of their feelings of stifling inertia and work with them to break down those long-held negative thinking patterns. But in addition to these strategies, there are also a number of things that individuals can do on their own to overcome the feeling of being stuck and make positive changes in their lives.

Many of the prompts teachers use when a reader is stuck on a word are designed to help them monitor their comprehension and to encourage them to employ fix-up strategies if a reading doesn’t sound right or make sense. However, children need to do a lot of reading without an adult present, and so it’s crucial that they develop the skills necessary to self-correct.

If you’re a leader, you can help to inspire your team to push past the feeling of being stuck by creating an inspiring vision for the future of the organization. You can also help them to see that this is a time to reassess and reimagine, recognizing that it’s a great opportunity for them to make sure their personal and professional goals are aligned with the company’s strategic direction. In other words, this can be a time for them to “reboot” and take their careers to the next level.