How to Get Unstuck


When we feel stuck, our lives can feel like they’re frozen in time. It’s a difficult feeling to shake off, but you can take steps to get unstuck. By learning to recognize the underlying reasons for your stuck feelings, you can make changes in your life that will give you more control and help you feel more hopeful.

Feeling stuck is a common human experience. It can be a temporary setback or part of a larger trend that affects many people at once. In some cases, feeling stuck is a symptom of mental health conditions that can be treated with psychotherapy or medication. For example, depression and anxiety can contribute to feeling stuck. In addition, some people may experience self-sabotaging behaviors and impostor syndrome, which can also contribute to feelings of stuckness.

A variety of situations can cause you to feel stuck, including work-life balance challenges, burnout, lack of energy, relationship problems and personal or professional failures. These challenges can also be a good opportunity to reassess your priorities and reset goals for the future.

One way to get unsticky is by learning from others who have successfully accomplished the things you aspire to do. You can also get creative and develop a vision board, which can help you stay focused on your goals and remind you that it’s possible to achieve them.

Sometimes, we feel stuck because we are living on autopilot and ignoring our own needs. This can be especially true when it comes to eating, sleeping, exercise, and social connection. It’s important to make time for all of these, and try to break the monotony of your daily routine by changing your scenery or trying new activities.

When you feel stuck, it can be a good idea to talk with a trusted friend or counselor. A therapist can teach you skills that will help you identify and change unhealthy thinking patterns, which may be contributing to your feelings of stuckness. They can also work with you to find practical ways of changing your circumstances and helping you to regain the sense of agency that can help you move forward.

Stuckness can be caused by a variety of situations, but there are always solutions available. By using the strategies above, you can learn to reframe your feelings and find ways of moving forward, even if they are small at first. It’s a lot like pushing a boat out of the mud or freeing a car from the riverbank. With effort, you can get unsticky and begin to see the possibilities that lie ahead. Sign up for CXO to receive news, analysis, and advice for top decision makers. By clicking, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.