How To Experience Romantic Love

Love is the bond between two individuals or between a group of individuals. Love embraces a whole range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from an abstract ideal, the highest personal trait, to the most base mundane pleasure. Most humans, however, fall far short of the ultimate goal – the ultimate vow of love. The purpose of this article is to help you become that ultimate lover, whatever your current level of commitment.


Love is the emotional state that includes all the positive feelings associated with human bonding – such as intimacy, friendship, trust, delight, tenderness, adoration, devotion, and enthusiasm. It also involves an awareness of another person’s needs, a willingness to make a commitment, and a deep understanding of the other person’s point of view. It also involves compassion toward another person and their potential need. This is the “love of a great mind”. In this form of love there are rarely any pre-requisites for either parties to get along. The only prerequisite for a successful romantic relationship is the mutual attraction shared by two people.

Love is the state of fullness or wholeness. When we are in love our bodies are renewed, our spirits infused with new energy, and our thoughts inspire with positive emotions. This is the “love of a happy mind”. If we are to find true intimacy, our emotional and spiritual needs must be met in harmony. Love does not require physical intimacy. However, intimacy is the beginning stages of love – it is the synergy that allows one person to feel safe enough to let their most intimate feelings out – until such a time as they are ready to do so again.

Love is the state of being able to share all the positive aspects of a relationship. People who are in love have a genuine sharing of their thoughts and feelings, which transcends the ego of the individual. These people share everything with their partners. This makes them capable of seeing the nitty-gritty of the other person’s needs and desires. It also enables them to build true intimacy.

Love is often involves intense feelings of love, affection, and adoration. This is because love is an act of intense caring and love. We all have different ways of sharing our feelings. However, love is often involves sharing deep and passionate feelings that are expressed openly and honestly. These types of feelings often touch others deeply and bring them into new realms of awareness. People in passionate love often experience feelings of love, joy, and compassion that are beyond words.

Love does not have to involve physical touching. It can also take the form of feelings of extreme adoration, caring, and concern for the other person. All these aspects of passionate love create neurological patterns in our brains that enable us to experience a deep connection with another person. These neurological patterns often create pathways in our brains that support the feeling of romantic love.