How to Avoid Being Stuck In A Gate

Is your game stuck open? Do you have no idea what to do? Is the gate locked? In either case there are a few things that you can try to see if you can get the gate open. However, keep in mind that it might take some time. So, it is recommended you do not start wiggling it around right away.


If your gate is stuck open, first try to determine if it came as a result of weather conditions. Was it raining? Have you had a bad day and it was windy? Think about what caused it to be stuck in the first place and if it will matter if you keep going.

Have you tried reversing the vehicle out of the driveway? If it did not move at all, then try reversing it out of the gate. Make sure that the reverse is in neutral. Then again, do not try to move the vehicle out of the gate.

Have you tried to call someone to see if they can come and get it? Usually people will not go through a gate that is stuck open. If they do come, you do not want to talk to them while the car is stuck. They might feel obligated to help you out or they might forget to come right away. Why risk having them not show up when they can possibly help you out?

You should call a tow truck if the car is stuck in the gate. If you have a hard time believing that, do a little research. The majority of people who have had a problem with gates have had to deal with a tow truck at one time or another. They can be expensive to use and if your car is stuck in the gate, chances are good that you will be getting an estimate of two to three hundred dollars. Then you will be paying the driver for it for at least two to three hours.

There are times when a stuck gate is not only avoidable, but could be dangerous. If you have a small car and are stuck in a gate, try to turn left before you reach the end of the runway. If you are heading to a gate and you need to make a turn, do so one-half mile before you arrive at the end of the runway. This will help to avoid hitting the fence and will keep your car from sliding out of control.