How Do Crushes Work? Understanding Your crush Might Is the Key to Getting Into a Relationship With That Special Someone

Puppy love, also called a crush, is an expression, sometimes implied or stated, of feelings of mild to strong platonic or romantic love, normally felt at a young age, usually 4 to seven years old. However, it is also referred to as puppy love since a puppy can show similar behaviour towards humans that he or she may show towards dogs. In other words, puppy love is a deep and lasting bond formed between an adult human and an infant or a small child.


Crushes can be formed because of familiarity and attraction. They could also result from social pressure or peer pressure and they can be caused by various events in a person’s life. However, crushes are generally a result of something that happened in a person’s life when he or she was growing up, something that caused intense emotional pain and trauma. In some cases, crushes can also be a symptom of depression or anxiety. However, they can go away once the cause of the trauma has been dealt with.

The feeling of a crush gradually increases over time. You might find that when you first get to know someone new, suddenly you feel like kissing him/her, cuddling with them or putting your arm around them. Other times, when you are in the presence of someone you really like, suddenly you might find yourself doing the things that you did when you were little – perhaps trying to pet them, kiss them, snuggle with them, stroke them or hug them. When this happens, you start to develop feelings for the person.

So, how can you tell if you crush is romantic or just friendly? In order to do that, you have to think about how you would feel when the crush that you are feeling develops into a crush on you. If you develop romantic feelings towards your crush, this might be a good indication that it is a crush you should pursue. Conversely, if you are not feeling particularly romantically motivated, then it may simply be the case that you are having a crush on your crush and this is something that will go away once you move on to someone else.

As you can see from the example sentences above, there is more to crushes than meets the eye. Understanding what crushes are and how they affect you is essential if you want to move on to relationships with people who you really like. If you crush is simply based on a temporary connection that developed in the course of a friendship, the crush might not be very important to you (unless it leads to a more serious relationship). On the other hand, if you feel very attracted to a specific person, you may find that you form deep romantic feelings for them and this could be a very different experience from having a crush on another person.

Understanding crushes can make you a better person in more ways than one. Understanding how these emotions work will enable you to get over a crush quickly and move on to other relationships. You will also be better able to deal with different types of crushes so that you can work through them as you move along. Finally, you may even be able to find a very special person and develop a deep, intense and powerful relationship.