Healthy Relationships and Crushes


Healthy Relationships and Crushes

Crush is such a misunderstood word, originally from the Latin term “cristillus” meaning “a grain.” Now, though, it is used so much differently that it has come to mean any sudden, intense feeling of affection for someone or something. Just like “crush” to a star, or” hates” someone you are attracted to. When it comes to women, the word crush is used in ways that are intended for sexual purposes. Women who are in their 30’s are often told by men they want to “crush” them.

While most men are not looking to have sex with women who are in their twenties, men still use the term crush quite frequently when they are looking to spark some interest or start a relationship. This is because the term crush is really a bit unclear as to what it really entails. We all know that the word “crush” is used to describe an intense feeling, but how does it affect a relationship and what can it do to your ego? How do you feel like a crush when you really like someone?

When someone tells you they like you, they are telling you that they consider you to be a special person with a unique personality. You may take this as a compliment and even begin to feel pride and attraction toward them. To crush, however, this can mean nothing at all-no one can compare to a special person because you are that special. The feelings of a crush are almost always unhealthy, but you can feel them if you are someone who has cultivated a crush on a special person in your life.

When a girl develops a crush on her teacher or her husband, this is normal for them. It is not considered a crush, because the crush isn’t an obsession. However, the intensity of the crush can make the person suffering from it feel like they have to move to New York to be with the girl or guy. This crush usually stems from something more serious in their lives. Perhaps their boyfriend or husband isn’t what they thought they were but you can be sure that the crush will not go away by itself.

Many men and women develop crushes on someone when they first meet them, and this is often the case when meeting a new crush. However, crushes are different thanks and should not be taken personally. If you see someone who makes you feel nervous around them, this is often a sign that you should avoid this person. Try looking at the person in a different light-this will help you understand whether you like this person or not.

Crush can be unhealthy when it begins to dominate one’s life. Relationships can become strained when crushes begin to rule. You should remember that crushes are just a natural part of dating. If you think that you have a crush on someone, you should talk to them. It is much better to enjoy the company of someone than to continue to dwell on the crush.