Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Get Unstuck at the End of a Year


If you’re feeling stuck, it may be a sign that your life needs an overhaul. Whether you’re working in an unfulfilling job or your relationships are lacking, it’s important to find ways to get unstuck and regain a sense of direction. The end of a year is a perfect time to do that, and the new season can bring you fresh perspective on what’s needed to feel re-inspired and reenergized.

The word stuck is defined as something that’s fixed in place or difficult to move. Think of a foot caught in the mud or your car stuck in traffic. It can also refer to feelings of emotional and mental inertia. If you feel stuck, it may be because you don’t have a clear sense of purpose or an overarching goal, or it could be due to depression or anxiety.

While it’s tempting to add more activities to your schedule, research has found that less is more when it comes to feeling happier. Consider adding more “interstitial moments”—time for reflection or learning—and cancelling or taking a break from those that aren’t as meaningful.

A sense of deeper meaning and purpose can serve as a compass for your life. It can help you make better choices, and can motivate you to work through difficult times when feeling stuck.

It’s also important to have a good support system in place. Reach out to those who care about you, and seek out professional guidance if necessary. A therapist can help you identify the reasons why you’re feeling stuck and provide tools to cope with it. This can include cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal skills training. If you’re struggling to cope with feelings of depression or anxiety, Bezzy can connect you with a therapist who’s right for you.