Do You Have a Crush on Someone?


Do You Have a Crush on Someone?

Cute puppy love, also called a crush, is a generic term for romantic feelings of love, usually felt at an early age and often expressed during puppyhood. It’s named after the cute, loving affection that can be felt when a dog shows affection for his owner. Many people feel a crush at some time in their life. Some feel a deep, yearning for companionship and approval from people they care about; others yearn for romance and sexual satisfaction with a person they love. A crush on a person is a strong desire to spend time with that person, to touch that person, to cuddle with that person, to be close to that person.

These intense feelings are most often connected with an adult relationship. However, a crush may also arise in a child or even a baby’s relationship with an adult. Although these crushes are typically linked to feelings of insecurity in relationships, they can occur in all forms of relationships. As a result, crushes can last throughout a persons entire adult life, or maybe just for a short period of time.

When crushes develop, adults might feel jealous of the new attention that the crush is receiving. They might feel unwanted attention as well, such as being called “starry eyes” or having someone put a crayon over their crush. Sometimes, the attention that a crush is receiving is so powerful that it overshadows the feelings the crush is experiencing. This can lead to further aggression towards the crush, as the adult feels like they need to reassert their dominance and take back control of the relationship.

Not only do crushes generally appear in relationships, but they can appear in friendships as well. Friends might feel close to their crush, especially if the friendship is one that is more innocent. The crush in turn might feel very attached to their crush and begin to participate in activities and events that their crush would be uncomfortable with. They might also experience intense feelings of jealousy towards their crush. While the crush in question might not be ready for a more committed relationship, the crush is still experiencing romantic feelings toward their new “one-night-stand”. The new, intense feelings are usually what causes the break up of the relationship.

Another type of crush is one that develops from an attraction that is shared between two people. This type of crush is usually referred to as infatuation. This crush can be very strong and often develops into a crush. One of the main reasons why this type of crush develops is because the infatuation that develops is not based on anything more serious than a general attraction. Often times this infatuation is nothing more than the crush developing due to a one-night stand, but the intensity of that attraction can cause the crush to develop into a crush.

If you feel that you have a crush on someone, but you do not know for sure whether or not it will turn into a crush there is help. The Internet has a plethora of resources for dating crushes and relationships. You can find message boards dedicated to crushes, people who have crushes and places for people to meet crushes. With the resources available you should be able to find a great place for yourself on the internet and get to know someone you thought you just might fall in love with.