Dealing With a Crush


A crush is an intense emotional state that develops when you begin to feel romantically attracted to someone. This can happen even when you are already in a relationship. While it can be a scary and frustrating experience, having a crush is normal and does not mean that you are unhappy in your relationship. The key to dealing with a crush is to communicate openly and regularly with your significant other. If you are unable to do this, then it is important to find other ways to express your feelings without jeopardizing your marriage or committed partnership.

The term “crush” is generally viewed as a unilateral, unreciprocated attraction that is not communicated directly to one’s target. This is similar to play flighting among juvenile animals, which is often not intended to result in mating. However, it can lead to emotional instability and the potential for relationship dissolution, typically through infidelity (Foster et al., 2014).

In a recent study, over one-quarter of participants who reported having a crush while in a committed intimate relationship stated that the feelings were not compatible with their current relationship. This is a significant percentage of the population. Despite this, many people are unable to control their attraction to others, and they may act on their feelings even though it is against their better judgment. The study suggests that people in long-term relationships are more likely to have a crush on another person than those who are not in a relationship. The reason for this is unclear, but the authors of the study suggest that it may be due to the fact that crushes can trigger the fight-or-flight response, which causes a variety of physiological changes in the body.

A crushing can be triggered by any number of things. Often, it is based on a person’s personality or appearance, and you can feel the urge to spend time with them in order to feel closer to them. The feeling is accompanied by a range of emotions, including anxiety, jealousy, and depression.

You might notice that you start thinking of your crush on a regular basis. You might casually mention them in conversations with friends or make eye contact and smile at them when you see them. You might also begin fantasizing about them and wish you could talk to them more frequently. While it is natural to have these feelings, you must take caution if you are already in a commitment because acting on them can cause serious damage to your relationship.

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