Antonyms of Love

The word love has many definitions and is frequently contested. However, some antonyms of love are helpful for understanding its meaning. In general, love is viewed as a positive sentiment that is generally contrasted with hate or lust. Similarly, love can be seen as an interpersonal relationship that has romantic overtones. In these cases, love is often characterized as a warm friendship or platonic relationship. Here are the most popular antonyms of love.


The word love is defined by its association with a deep and warm emotion. This emotion is sometimes expressed through a term such as “love.” For example, the Greeks referred to agape as a type of unconditional love. In this sense, a person cannot lose this affection no matter how the other person acts. In contrast, a companionate love is described as affection that does not involve a strong physical attraction. A lover is not required to perform any act of self-expression in order to enjoy the other person’s company.

In Christian circles, the term “love” is commonly defined in terms of the Greek word agape, which means “willing.” According to Aquinas, love is the desire to help another person succeed in life. In other words, love is a feeling that is shared and a strong emotional attachment that is expressed to another person. In Christian circles, love is the motivation that keeps people engaged in a relationship. And it is the passion that ignites a relationship into a passionate passion.

Christian love can be categorized into two different types. There is erotic love and companionate love. The former focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy. While this type is more extreme than the latter, it usually involves feelings of game-playing and emotional distance. Advocates of erotic love tend to avoid long-term commitment, and they are often comfortable ending a relationship. The latter, storge love, meanwhile, is more mature and based on a common interest, trust, and open affection.

In the Greeks, love is referred to as Agape. It is the kind of love that never ends and is unconditional. It is characterized by physical attraction and the intense intimacy between two people. A relationship with an agape partner is based on a mutual respect of love and admiration. A person who is asexual and is not asexual will not commit to it. A man who is gay or bisexual will not commit to such a relationship.

During an intense love affair, a person may stammer, sweat, and even faint when talking to a person they find attractive. While this is an intense form of love, it is a very different type of relationship from infatuation. Infatuation is a very shallow type of love and is not a healthy way to develop a relationship. The other forms of love are both symptomatic of psychological disorders, but if one party is infatuated, the other will not reciprocate it.