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Shield your merchants from risk


Our fraud prevention solutions help you defend your merchants from common threats by galvanizing your platform with additional layers of security.

Stronger defenses against fraud


Integrate with our fraud prevention platform to help your merchants assess risk and reduce fraud without negatively affecting conversions. With easy installation, merchants can add protection to their stores in just minutes.

Available integrations

Total protection for your merchants

Order fraud protection

Separate fraudsters from legitimate customers by analyzing every action a user takes and increase acceptance rates with confidence.

Advertising fraud protection

Direct your future ad spend away from bots and toward real customers by evaluating traffic from advertising campaigns.

Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for website performance problems and unexpected downtime so you can handle issues before they affect your customers.




Where other fraud prevention services require a significant amount of time and money before providing a return on investment, our platform grants results immediately.



User scores continuously update based on both behavioral analytics and static data points, which work together to catch more fraudulent traffic.



By identifying and blocking bots that disrupt advertising campaigns with click fraud, websites receive less invalid traffic.



Deeper data allows for more efficient ways to track common issues and potential problem areas, which helps identify where current processes can be optimized.